The hotel also offers an award-winning Nusa Dua Spa services, including a range of people rejuvenating massage treatments and body treatments , a combination of natural herbs, flowers and spices. spa includes a steam room , swimming pool and Jacuzzi , sports center and beauty salon.


SPA is (Solus Par Aqua ” healthy water ” ) acronym , and international standards require SPA offers the following six basic conditions: auditory ( angelic background music ) . Smell ( natural flowers and incense ) . Visual ( natural landscape ) . taste ( health food ) . tactile ( sauna care ) . thinking ( pure soul ) ; while Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & SPA exactly meets these criteria ; hotel ‘s SPA village is located beside tennis courts , has just entered the village greets Block Zen design is very long- shaped pool , surrounded by sun loungers lay people ( I do not know is waiting enjoy the SPA treatments, or have completed treatment ) , all of them were calm serenity , hearts do not consciously think so-called ” bliss world, ” this is probably right !


Lying four weeks around the pool in the garden pavilion, garden while enjoying the scenery, while enjoying the “natural oils America Foot “, and just soaked in aromatic oils that iced towel wrapped foot , the body comfortable feeling gradually stretches by foot then nothing more than the back room saunas sauna body and then go to bed and accepted body scrub, in fact, enjoy the SPA treatment successes and failures of the most important key technologies and skills that regarded sauna ; since the last time on a cruise ship in the Caribbean SPA center , tried that as Angel Touch like ( this is my big SPA in the history of the first time with these words of praise ! can you know how amazing it ! ) ) after the sauna to ensure you will never forget !

After all the treatments , but also to enjoy their garden gazebo SPA beauty tea carefully prepared and enthusiastic presentation which two tea ingredients. Drinking manner and order. Feeling like a newborn baby , such as physical and mental , enjoy the lush green garden scenery, sipping a beauty efficacy of SPA beauty tea , enjoy the tranquility of this 4 hours worth ; fact of life is that the highest levels are not enjoying a moment of peace .